Nutrisol deals with the import and distribution of raw materials. We specialize in distribution of natural and vegan raw materials. We leverage our warehousing and logistic capabilities to offer a fast and reliable service to our customers.

We are proud to be flexible and offer low MOQ. We are able to support you in every stage – from R&D stage, when you  only need a few grams of raw material, to a full scale production, when you look for whole pallets.

We are more than just a distributor of materials. We love to give you an advice on the choice of materials and support you in every way we can. We work with manufacturers of drinks, foods and food supplements in the development of new products or upgrading existing products to fit into the category of natural, vegan, “free from”, etc. As a manufacturers we work with this materials daily and our R&D department has a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Do you want to launch your own food supplement brand?